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Gym Mats Dubai

Get the most comfortable Gym mats Dubai from us

 Gym mats Dubai are a great choice to ready for your home gym. 

Gym mats add warmth, protection, and the beauty of exercise areas. The mats are available in a range consisting of single rubric mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting machine matting or rubber rolls covering larger areas or even wall-to-wall rubber matting. Regardless of the basic requirements, the remedy is the gym-mat.

Types of gym mats Dubai

 To you, we give a huge collection of gym mats in Dubai so you could save your money. 

 Rubber roll matting

 Our Matting is a high-end Rubber Gym Mats Dubai that helps to protect floors against heavyweight and computers.

  • Can be cut to create wall-to-wall or sectional designs;
  • Non-poor, durable 1/4 “and 3/8” rubber.
  • Shield floors from harm and vibration safety systems.

 Fit- Lock Rubber tiles 

Fit-Lock Rubber Tiles are integrated, easily, and easily lockable rubber floor tiles to protect the floor in weight rooms, gyms, and home sports facilities.

  • Height: 9.5 inches (3/8 inches)
  • 2″x 2 “tiles
  • $2.35 per square foot only

 Ultimate standalone gym mats 

Gym Mats Dubai has the best collection of mats. Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats provide the most challenging workout conditions with consistent security and durability. Those indestructible rubber mats are intended for use in aerobic and weight-lifting areas as punishment pads.

  • Not transparent or absorbent
  • 1/4, “3/8,” 1/2 “and 3/4” thicknesses accessible
  • Bacterial growth resistant;

 Mega lock rubber gym tiles 

These commercial puzzle tiles are cut in precision and used to create a complete interlocking system. Mega-Lock Gym Tiles are suitable for temporary as well as non-rectangular workouts.

  • Tiles match perfectly together and lie flat without curling
  • 1/2 “thick and 3/4” thick
  • Tiles can be easily reset

 Extreme rubber gym tiles

Our Rubber work out mats Extreme Tiles combines the ultimate in shape and function. Such rubber tiles, with a maximum 1 “thickness, offer the best in shock absorption. Extreme Rubber Tiles have creative style, square cut, shave beveled, and available in 17 colors.

  • 1 “Thick
  • 24 “x 24” Tile
  • Easy to mount device locking

Fitness Equipment Gym Mats

Gym mats Dubai has the best collection. Fitness equipment Gym Mats are gym mats built for use in residential and commercial locations under treadmills, station bikes, stair masters, and elliptical machines.

  • All types of rubber and foam
  • Smooth 1/4″ and 3/16
  • Anti-body treatment

Gym Floor Sticky Mats

Gym Floor Sticky Mats is the secret to preserving dirt and dust-free gymnasium surfaces.

  • Trap unwanted soil, dust and shoe surface debris
  • These sticky mats serve as soft & slippery floor barricade
  • The packed surface of polyethylene; 1/8 “thick

Carpeted Gym Floor Sticky Mats

Carpeted gym floor sticky mats have two protective layers against pollutants that penetrate a gymnasium; a carpeted front half entrance mat and a sticky rear part mat.

  • Pick off excessive dirt and shoe surface debris
  • Carpeted floor mattresses cover soft & slippery flooring
  • Standard Water hog inlet Mat and tacky polyethylene surface; 1/8 “thick

Pro Shield Floor Protection

Use our gym mats Dubai. For use in gymnasiums, churches, convention halls, and basketball courts, Pro Shield Floor Protection offers durable, easy-to-install, temporary flooring. Such oversized tiles need no equipment, adhesive, and do not wrinkle to ensure a safe walking surface.

  • Floor tiles simple to install: 39 “x 78.”
  • No glue, tapes or equipment needed
  • Lay flat to avoid hazards on trips

Interlocking Foam Mats

Our Interlocking Foam Gym Mats and Tiles provide a large range of lightweight and heavy-duty exercise mats. All tiles can be easily installed and supplied with a smooth and protected foam surface for any configuration.

Our installation service of gym mats in Dubai

 Our expert technicians offer you the best interlocking tiles to your gym mats Dubai to save your time and money. The steps are:

  • Mark up the pieces together.
  • Interlocking tiles are superb over flat subfloors like concrete or plywood.
  • You can cut straight tiles and install them with dowels.
  • Now you can place your mats in your home.

Why Choose Us?

 At parquet texture Dubai, We are the best gym mats suppliers in Dubai offer a range of gym floor mats that are perfect for residential and commercial use. We give our potential customers quality with quantity. It is easy to maintain and durable so you can save yourself from injuries. We are providing our gym mats Dubai at affordable prices.