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Skirting Board Dubai

Skirting board is best to cover the joints of your walls? A matched and correctly colored Skirting Board Dubai gives the space a more polished and finished feel. Skirting gives the place it is installed in a professional touch.

We parquet texture Dubai provides you with the best skirting, using decorative accessories to disguise any uneven edges or gaps and give any interior a professional finish. Whether you need them taller than average or you can’t seem to find a design you need anywhere, we’re here to help you. Skirting boards can shield walls in a busy household from frequent kicks and scrapes. Skirting Board Dubai help avoid furniture-created dents and bumps and save time and money on redecorating over time.

Skirting board also comes in a wide variety of styles, including ornate designs and contemporary designs, and are available in primed and premium timber-effect choices. The whole range consists of moisture-proof MDF and a variety of sizes and heights to ensure that it is easy to get the right suit to any room layout.

Types of skirting board Dubai

Depending on the design and materials used, the best skirting board may have various designs. The following are:

  • Pencil Skirting
  • Wooden Skirting
  • Metal Skirting
  • Continued Skirting
  • Flush Skirting
  • Double Layered Skirting Board Dubai
  1. Pencil Skirting

A pencil skirting board is the perfect choice for a clean, complete look in a room. It can be installed on patterned or simple walls.


  1. Wooden Skirting

Wooden skirting endows the home with beauty and an elegant feel. Marble and tiled floors are a perfect choice. For light floors, walls, and ceilings, the use of wooden skirts is fine. Wooden skirts are used in ornamental and traditional types of decorations.

  1. Metal Skirting

The material used for the metal skirting Board in Dubai is the best quality steel. SS skirting gives the homeroom a sleek and modern feel. This form of skirting brings levity to the interior. One of the drawbacks to skirting with SS is that they are prone to scratching.

  1. Continued Skirting

This is a kind of Skirting Board Dubai that is given as a continuation of any item inside the interior.


  1. Flush Skirting

Yes, the skirting Board in Dubai and plastering are the same as flustering. This skirting technique gives the interior room a seamless feel.

  1. Double Layered Skirting

It has two-toned skirting in a double-layered style of skirting. Double layered skirting aids in giving the room a detailed design.

Purpose and benefits of skirting board Dubai

Skirting boards also come in a wide variety of styles we also provide the benefits and Different purposes for which skirting are installed mentioned below:

Hide exposed electrical wiring: To cover clear electric wires and contacts that are not reversible, skirting should be used. We can see that it’s easier and more practical to conceal these wiring under the Skirting Board Dubai covers than to conceal under the ceiling.

 Cross the divide between walls and floors: some constructions can involve unnecessary distinctions between walls and floors. Reducing these works requires time and is expensive. Another solution is to add skirting so that the shoddy work is economically covered and removed.

Avoids marks from furniture: Installed skirting board contains a projection that constantly separates the nearby furniture from the internal wall. It removes rubbing from the furniture and scratches, thus protecting the wall against scratches.

Improve Interior: The room is made more polished and finished by a matched and correctly colored top. Skirting Board Dubai throws a beautifully made brush at the spot.

Why choose us?

Here at parquet texture Dubai, we specialize in manufacturing exterior skirting boards to meet your specifications. Please choose from our range of many designs, including modern and traditional profiles. Our expert team will not only provide you the skirting board Dubai but also install it with zero additional charges.

We are the name of trust and worthiness,’ so buy from us if you want quantity with quality in Dubai. We give you a customer-friendly team so you could discuss the requirements without any hesitation. Call us today, and we will catch you back as soon as possible.