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Hollow Mats Dubai- Get the best durable mats from us

 Hollow mats Dubai is the best option you can count on.

These mats are simple rubber mats with a circular hole to remove mud and snow from the accumulated water. This is a flexible flooring choice which people often overlook. Such mats are used in many retail, commercial, and household flooring applications.

Our rubber mats are becoming increasingly common in both commercial and household settings, and there are several good reasons for that. We’re notable among the leading manufacturers of Hollow Mats in Dubai. The protection and comfort provided by these mats are unmatched on the market. Commercial environments see plenty of foot traffic, and perfect for these areas is the durability of such mats. We come in different sizes and styles to meet the various consumer needs

Types of hollow mats Dubai

We provide three types of rubber hollow mats Dubai to our customers, so they make their space most safe and comfortable. Here are mentioned below: 

  • Hexagonal hollow mat 
  • Honeycomb mat
  • Ring hollow mat
  • Hexagonal Hollow Mat

We give you the tough hexagonal hollow rubber floor mats that are a classic mat, built to last. Solid and very long-lasting, these mats are a heavier type with six lateral holes rather than round ones to draw water, mud, and snow from them. Offered sizes- 40×60 cm, 60×80 cm, 100 x150 cm, usable thickness- 22 MM

  • Honey Comb Mat

A very cost-effective hollow hexagonal rubber input mat with all-round borders, 12 MM in diameter. Dimensions 40×70 cm and 45×75 cm

  • Ring Hollow Mat

A heavy-duty, multipurpose mat can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions as an entrance pad, bath pad, laundry mat, snow mat, scraper mat, or garden mat. It is solid, washable and can be used efficiently on both sides. Ring Mats are of flexible construction and can be joined with the use of joiners to cover large floor areas. Usable size-40×60 cm, 45×75 half-round, 50×100 cm, 80×120 cm, 100×150 cm, 16 MM, 22 MM.

 Benefits of our Best hollow mats Dubai

 The benefits of out hollow mats Dubai :

  •  It consists of rubber door mat recycling material, a combination of vulcanized rubber and recycled plastic.
  • This gives the mats an exquisite and pretty look
  •  Able to fit together as interlocking tiles
  •  Removes moisture and moisture from surfaces
  •  Can be used in dairy production,
  •  Remain smooth even after extensive usage
  •  Our hollow rubber mats are environmentally friendly and 100% renewable.
  • The intricate pattern of these ecofriendly mats is perfect for placing at your front door.

What we offer

  • Durability-It can be disturbing and harmful to stand for long hours. Such mats provide cushioning required to reduce foot injury and fatigue.
  • The Security-Every facility provides protection. Usually, they have a great grip to avoid slipping and to provide defense against any mishap.
  • Easy to Maintain-People believe that they are high-maintenance mats, but the truth is different. There’s not much you need to do to maintain their quality.

  Why Choose Us?

Quest for Dubai Exporters and Suppliers of Hollow Mats Dubai? We Parquet Texture Dubai is the best on the market. To clarify your requirements, please contact us.

In our mats, we deliver a multitude of uses, for example, commercial, industrial flooring. We have a wide variety of long-lasting flooring solutions that last many years. For playgrounds, swimming pools, and shower areas, it is the best option with an anti-slip surface so that accidents are avoided. So you can choose us and get the hollow mat of desire that fits your needs.